MarathonBQ – the definitive guide for average runners who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Qualifying for major marathons is a challenge for runners with full-time jobs, families, and limited training time.

MarathonBQ is a simple, realistic, and straightforward methodology developed by author, Chris Russell, to help runners qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 weeks.

In this book, Chris shares his experiences and strategies that helped him successfully complete more than 50 marathons, including 14 qualified Boston Marathons.

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About Chris Russell

Chris lives and trains in suburban Massachusetts with his family and Border collie Buddy. Chris is a member of the Squannacook River Runners, a small, community running club in Groton, MA that brings you the famous Groton Road Race each year! Chris is a compulsive mid-pack competitor who is honored to have run many Qualified Boston Marathons. Chris is a frequent contributor to and has published “The Mid-Packer’s Lament” and “The Mid-Packer’s Guide to the Galaxy” a series of short stories on long distance running, racing and the human comedy inherent in all sports enthusiasts.

Selected exploits include:

  • 50 marathons including 14 Qualified Boston Marathons
  • Vermont 50 mile Ultra-Marathon
  • New England USATF Mountain Goat series – 6 mountain races
  • Mount Washington Road Race
  • 23 Groton Road Races
  • Wilderness 101 Mountain Bike Ultra Race
  • Hampshire 100 Mountain Bike Ultra Race