coldMore often than not I find myself using this phrase…”In the old days…” followed by something that was better or faster or easier.

This morning it was ‘in the old days…I would have done my long run in this cold weather.’  I would have.  We used to routinely throw ourselves at these 0 Degree F days and enjoy the heck out of it.  It’s -11 at my house this morning and I just can’t bring myself to put on 7-8 layers of clothing to go run with Brian for 3+ hours.

I’m an old dog.  Gray of muzzle.  Curled up by the fire with my legs twitching in dream pursuit of some long ago finish line.

Instead I’ve got some errands to run this morning before the next big storm rolls in.  Then I’ll hit the treadmill at the gym and see if I can’t practice moving meditation for 3 hours or so.  Yikes.

By the way – the book is still in review by the Amazon robots.