boston-finishHere’s a great short framework I heard on the Accidental Creative podcast this weekend while shoveling.  I like it because it is a brief but effective scorecard of any creative project.

Excellence Defined:


  • Are we proud to put our names on this?
  • Did we create a qualify end product that solves the problem?


  • Did it honor the people involved?
  • Was the process to produce the results an excellent process?
  • Did the process honor the people involved in the work?

Did it honor the mission?

  • Did we honor the overall mission of the organization?
  • Does it support the foundational ‘why?’ of the organization?

I think I followed my mission on the MarathonBQ project.  I think we had a quality process that created a quality product.

I think we honored the mission.  I’m proud to put my name on it.