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The Birth Canal…

VDSpent the day reading through – scanning really – the latest copy of the book.  Made some corrections to the PDF pre-release copy (where did those typos come from?  Ann and I both read it 10 times!) Got the Mobi file from my guy in Sri Lanka… Yeah, that’s right, I use VA’s from all over the world for this stuff.  (because they do great work and I can afford them).

I just up loaded it to Kindle direct publishing.   It was fairly easy because I already have two books in the KDP bookshelf.

That’s it.  Dust off the coveralls and wipe the soil from your hands the book ‘MarathonBQ’ is in the kind and prosperous hands of Their drones and robots tell me it will be in review for 12 hours or so.  Then it will burst forth into the light sometime tomorrow.

Sigh…I’ve got a bit of that post-coital ennui (metaphorically of course, even though it is Valentines Day, my sweetheart is in a different geography right now spending my frequent flyer points).

I guess it’s time to start on the next one.  I think I’ll take another crack at that zombie apocalypse novel that I’ve been writing since I was in college!  Zombies are all the rage these days!

It was a dark and stormy night…





Making a book.

I guess I decided to capture this process of the MarathonBQ for you because it was such an important period of my life and I didn’t want to lose it to neglect.   When I started to write it down in September it flowed, well distilled and fully formed from my brain quickly and easily.  Apparently this book was ready to escape the confines of my mind.

80% of it was written in a couple weeks.  The last few bits of editing and dicking around with formatting, etc., have taken forever in comparison.  I’d like to thank my friend Ann for helping me go through the first few edits.  It’s hard as the creator of a work to reread it again and again looking for flaws.  It takes a bit of objectivity that the author doesn’t possess.  You can than k Ann for a few chapters that are here and a few that (thankfully) are not!

For now I’m going to get it up on Kindle so the world can have it if they want it.  I’m going to make the rounds on the social networks and talk about it.  I don’t imagine there is anything controversial in the content – but I suppose these days anything has the ability to hack someone off.  That’s fine.  I welcome the criticism and debate and conversation because that is how we as a species learn.

Let me know what you think.




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